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Kallithea, Halkidiki

Kallithea is a traditional village and belongs to Kassandra community in Halkidiki Prefecture. Kallithea village includes Solina settlement. It attracts thousands of tourists every year because of its beaches and developed substructures.
Historical elements
Greek mythology refers often to Halkidiki: In Kassandra is buried the giant of earthquake “Egkelados”. The big mountain “Athos” has been formed by the rock that Egkelados threw against the Gods. Also Sithonia got its name by Sithona, Posidon’s son. The scientific investigation has prove that the geomorphology of palaeontological Halkidiki was different than today. Certainly the domestic flora and the fauna are also different today than in the past. Also, the findings from the Petralona Cave have shown the human presence in the area 700.000 years ago and the age of the first man scalp is calculated to be approximately 200.000 years.

The area appears archaeological interest, as in Kallithea has been found the Dionysus and Nymphs Temple, part of Ammona Zeus Temple (Zeus has been worshiped in the area from 5th century B.C.) and the altar area. During the 4th century B.C. was built the big temple of Doric order, in the name of Ammona Zeus. Dionysus has been worshiped from 8th century B.C. as demonstrate a sculptured ladder in a stone and a dedicated cave to the worship of he God.

Modern history
The village is founded in 1925 by Greek refugees that were settled in Greek territory after the Minor Asia War. Before the refugees settlement the area was operating as farm, property of Russian Monks. The inhabitants founded the settlement “Nees Maltepes” and dealt with agriculture and cattle-raising. This village change its name to Nea Kallithea after 1950 and eventually to Kallithea, cause of the beautiful view that offers to its visitors. The latest years came to live people from all over Greece. It is interesting the Russian type church of Saint Panteleimon, which is near the Zeus temple.
While you stay here you may visit all the domestic see-sights. We are willing to inform you regarding journeys and visits that are available to you.

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