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The cultural events started in 1991 simply by desire and love for art with an exhibition of painting, while the 1992 events were enriched with the first edition of 'Jazz on the Hill', a weekend dedicated to jazz music.

Since 1993, all the events taking place in the Sani Beach Holiday Resort in Kassandra, were named «Sani Festival». Thus began the course of this festival, every year the program including embellishes on this more and more kinds of art, based always on high quality and innovation in the field. The starting point of all these actions is the perception that tourism organizers must be combined with culture, enabling foreign visitors to get acquainted with various kinds of authentic Greek art and entertainment options and non-Greeks.

In the past few years leading Greek and foreign artists captivated an audience that often exceeded 3,500 people at concerts and exhibitions that made history. Some of these events - music and dance in particular - are at the Sani Hill. It is a green cape on top of which stands the Tower of Sani, a medieval watchtower between 14th and 15th century. Within such an environment where the sea, the sky and green coexist harmoniously, creating all those conditions that are likely to irritate the senses, to give power to the sound of art, the visual pleasure, leaving both the artists and traces viewers 'ritual' that allows them to be lifted out of the ordinary and mundane.
The remaining events, art as mostly taking place in Sani Art Gallery, an elegant shopping center space in the marina of Sani.
Today the Sani Festival takes place from early July and be completed by mid-September.

The program is composed of musical events which are divided into three (3) main categories:
- Jazz music concerts with the organization's 'Jazz on the Hill', the only international festival of jazz music in Greek territory with continuous presence of more than ten years.
- Greek art music concerts.
- Classical music concerts under the title Sani Classic, which is a field for young, talented artists and Greek place on conference facilities Sani Convention Center the Sani Beach Holiday Resort.

Additionally organized:
- Dance
- Painting, sculpture and photography.
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